cannabidiol moleculeCannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in marijuna with various medical benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not get patients stoned. Therefore CBD-rich cannabis is a treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects without euphoria or lethargy.

Scientific and clinical studies indicate that CBD could be effective in treating a wide range of difficult-to-control conditions, including: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections and neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrated neuroprotective effects, and its anti-cancer potential is currently being explored at several academic research centers in the U.S. and other countries.

Not all marijuana is rich in CBD. Testing is essential and results should be shared. The key is identifying and cultivating cannabis with high amounts of CBD and making this medicine available to the patients who need it the most. Harlequin, Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami, Jamaican Lion, Juanita la Lagrimosa, Misty, as well as many others. The only way to know is to have a lab test samples of the cannabis in question.

One can use this online calculator to help establish a pricing model for the valuation of bulk cannabis. I wrote it as a tool for pricing cannabis destined for CBD (or THC) extraction as opposed to personal consumption. Take a look.

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