growing medical marijuana indoors

growing marijuana

growing CBD cannabisPot is a weed. Therefore growing it isn’t all that hard. Some people go to great lengths; hydroponics, esoteric fertilizers, etc.

Cannabis may be illegal but that doesn’t mean cultivation is some sort of deep mystery. I’d like to share what little I know. I like you strive to learn from those before me.

If you’re at all serious, start by watching Jorge Cervantes’s intro for two reasons: it’s all true & you should know everything he’s sharing and it will give you a context to help evaluate what you encounter elsewhere. Most of us don’t have full on grow ops but one or two plants; microgrows using CFL bulbs.

indoors or outside
All other things being equal, plants grown outdoors are larger than grown indoors. Obviously plants outside need to be concealed.

You have more control over the plants you grown indooors: light, heat, humidity, etc.

seeds or clones
You may have access to seeds or clones or perhaps both. Seeds are different genetically, even seeds from the same plant. If you’re interested in diversity or breeding, seeds are a what you want.

Clones are rooted cuttings and are an exact copy. If you want genetic consistency, go with clones. Not only do you know the lineage and characteristics of a clone, you can also know its sex. With seeds approximately half will be males, while plants from clones will always be the same sex as the mother plant. Clone a female and you’ve got a female too.

soil or hydroponics
Outdoor growing means soil. If you grow inside you can use soil or hydroponics. You have more control over a hydroponic environment but it involves more work (and money). In many ways growing indoors in soil is the most straightforward method.

sativa, indica & hybrids
There are two main types of marijuana: sativa and indica. There are also many varities that are hybrids of both sativa and indica.

In general, sativas are taller with narrower leaves and indicas shorter with wider leaves. Indicas are body highs, sativa more cerebral. Sativas take 2 weeks longer to flower and have a lower yield.

Compounding matters further, there are countless hybrid mixes of sativa and indica. One area you may want to explore is cannabis strains that are high in CBD.

indoor lights
Several types of lights are used to grow marijuana indoors. High Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapor are the two types traditionally used. Both require a lot of energy and produce a lot of heat. The former is a dead giveaway adn the latter means venting the heat away. The energy efficient alternative is CFL’s, compact fluorescent. Give CFLs a look.

During the initial vegetative phase use daylight CFLs rated at 6500K, on for 18 hours and off for 6. Mimic autumn light and force the plants to flower by switching to CFLs rated at 2700K for 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

low stress training (lst)

One way to maximize space and increase yields is to train and prune your plants using a technique called Low Stress Training (LST). If involves bending your plants much like espalier. Of course there’s an FAQ. By exposing side shoots upward, they grow towards the light as if they were the central stalk. The end results is lots of verticals in a small footprint with more buds in the end.

There are lots of resources online that will help you grow medical marijuana. I often find myself at Grasscity.

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