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I wasn’t born here (Cleveland) but I’ve called Seattle home for almost 30 years. It’s just about everything you want in a lover: beautiful, laid back, hip, and ahead of the curve without selling out it’s soul (although recently some of us have begun to question the latter). Not just green but verdant calling out for Velvia but as an OH/MI/MA boy I missed fall colors. Snow, I don’t miss. I can drive to mountains in under an hour. Snows once, maybe twice, a year and it’s usually gone in a day or two. Scandies are a little standoffish IMHO but I gravitate towards other domestic immigrants. Whilst single, I learned not to date the locals and married someone from NM.

First things first: no, it doesn’t rain here all the time. It’s cloudy and when it rains it drizzles and spits. Primarily from Nov to Mar. Virtually no lightning or thunderstorms. Only tourists and newbies use umbrellas.

No, I don’t go to Starbucks because there’s way better coffee all over town. I love salmon and it’s heart healthy but I get sick of it. Never liked grunge so don’t ask. I’ve never been to Lake Chelan and don’t think I’m missing anything (especially if that’s where all the locals go). There’s no ghetto in Seattle in the contemporary American sense. No blocks of burned out housing projects. Don’t get me wrong, there are sketchy neighborhoods, gangs, and crime but this isn’t Chicago, LA, NY, DC, etc. I love getting off the plane at SeaTac and realizing I’m home.

Pot is legal and it’s no big deal. Eco green organic crunchy to the max. Large lesbian, gay, transgender community and little overt homophobia. Casual diversity and a PacRim flavor reflecting recent immigration. Shrinking African-American population that’s migrating south of the city proper, not that it was ever that large to begin with. Alaska is just up the road a piece. Vancouver BC is closer than Portland OR. And we’re smack dab in the middle of Cascadia!

watch it all the way through to the end...

I’m not going anywhere. I like it fine just where I am.