USB barcode scannerDon’t get me started about barcodes. I’ve been writing and selling barcode printing software through Azalea Software, Inc. for over 20 years.

Our barcode software and barcode fonts work under Windows and OS X, allowing you to make UPC, Code 128, Code 39, ISBN-13, Interleaved 2 of 5, POSTNET, and all kinds of barcodes you neither know about nor care about. That’s my day gig: barcode software. Hey, someone’s gotta do it and for 20+ years it’s been me.

Before you say anything, no, there’s no Mark of the Beast or 666 or Satan worship involved with barcodes. Book of Revelation has great stories with rich imagery but I ain’t the Devil’s little helper. Hate to disappoint you.

That said, if you want a barcode tattoo we’d be glad to do the artwork for you for free (donations accepted). If you really, really want a barcode tat at least make sure the artwork is good. Bad barcode ink would be like a mispelled word or the wrong Chinese character.

Yeah. I’m what ya might call a barcode nerd. At least that’s the name of our blog. Check it out.

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