beer. it’s what’s for breakfast.

I love beer, especially appropriately hopped Pacific Northwest IPA’s. I love me some IBU’s. Schooner Exact and Fremont Brewing come to mind.

Travelling with bottles of beer in your checked luggage? While this video talks about wine I hear beer. I save the plastic bags the New York Times comes in and put beer bottles in a bag so if it does break there’s a hope of a chance of a prayer my luggage won’t get soaked. Again.

It all starts with pouring the beer correctly to begin with. And no, don’t put the damn glass in the freezer. Ever. I had a pal, Matt, who served in Nam and told tales of using a CO2 fire extinguisher to cool beer in the jungle. (Pray to God you don’t get drunk and start a fire.)

Fremont Brewing Seattle

Don’t stop now. There’s more beer stuff: how to open a beer not to mention an all-time favorite, pizza & beer. Now who’s thirsty?