WA post-I502

legalization was just the first step...

medical marijuana plant
Prohibition in America is quickly coming to end. Medical marijuana (MMJ) is legal in 20+ states, not to mention legal in after WA & Amendment 64 in CO.

I make a clear distinct between “pot” and “cannabis”. The former is recreational, the latter medicine. Same plant but different strains are of interest to each group.

Stoners want THC to get high. Patients want CBD to get well.

For years and years, Americans have been breeding and growing marijuana to get high. If it didn’t get you high it was deemed a failure and cast aside. Over time, the domestic gene pool became THC-centric at the expense of other cannabinoids like CBD, cannabidiol.

Medical marijuana rich in CBD is rare but patients seek out CBD strains for their healing and pain relief properties. Harlequin, Cannatonic, The Remedy, Omrita, Sour Tsunami #3, and Otto #1 are examples of high CBD strains.

Project CBD is the best place to start learning about more CBD and its use in healing various diseases and disorders. There are links to research, articles, and other organizations. O’Shaughnessy’s is another excellent resource, especially for those looking for the scientific angle. Look for Smoke Signals, a social history of marijuana by Martin A. Lee.

Here in Seattle, you can find CBD rich medicine at CannaPi in Georgetown. Clones of CBD strains are available from LeBlanc CNE. When in doubt always check the results at labs like Analytical 360. (The results can be sorted by clicking on the topic headings.)

Prohibition must end. Together, we will make it happen!

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