dead drops

Un-cloud your files in cement! 'Dead Drops' is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. - Aram Bartholl

dead drop projectWhat started as an art project has continued to grow around the world. In the age of P2P and clouds, dead drops are delightfully old school. USB flash drives are embedded into walls and other structures in public places. You find one, connect your machine and share. If it wasn’t arty it would seem clandestine. (Not that there aren’t uses for dead drops for activists et al.)

When I first heard about Aram Bartholl’s project I quickly put a couple together here in Seattle. One was at the famous gum wall at Pike Place Market, the other on (or should I say in) the Fremont Bridge. I know the former is gone and this reminds me to check the bridge. Fear not, another batch of dead drops is in the works. Details to follow...


What about viruses? Only those who don't run antivirus software would ask such a question.

Won’t people just steal them? Why, bother? You already have too many flash drives kicking around. What’s on them is what’s valuable, not the drive itself. But if you need it so much you’ll take it, I can’t stop you.

Interested? Try making your own dead drop. Of course there’s an Instructables how-to.

The more dead drops there are, the more fun we can all have.

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