Emmett Till

jet magazine sep 15 1955

The story of Emmett Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955) was told to the world through Jet Magazine and other publications. He was only 14 when he was lynched in Mississippi. His death was pivotal in igniting the Civil Rights Movement.

I have copies of every Jet Magazine that mentions the Emmett Till murder and trial. Of all the civil rights memorabilia I’ve collected over the years, the Emmett Till material upset my kids the most. They were about his age when I bought the first issue and needless to say it struck too close to home.

Emmett Till open casket photo open casket Jet Magazine

Emmett Till Jet Magazine Sep 15, 1955

Emmett Till Jet Magazine Sep 15, 1955

The story of Emmett Till was cover in Jet Magazine in these issues (click to view): Sep 15 1955, Sep 22 1955, Sep 29 1955, Oct 6 1955, Oct 13 1955, Nov 24 1955, Jan 26 1956, Jun 21 1956, Jun 28 1956, Feb 28 1957, Jul 23 1964, and Sep 19 2005.

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