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Caesar saladBuy a box of small freezer bags When you find something on sale, eat half and freeze the other half for later. Saves time and money.

Fresh herbs are the best Didn’t grow your own or buy any at the farmer’s market last time? Pick up a poultry mix or Italian seasoning mix of fresh herbs at the grocery store and separate out the various herbs. Variety for the cost of one!

Shop local, especially when you travel You’ll find foods in other places you can’t get at home, including local brands that don’t enjoy a wide distribution. Fresh fish is best where it’s caught. I look for opuntia syrup when I’m in NM or AZ. It’s heavy and expensive to ship but fits in a corner of my luggage. The East Coast in the winter? I look for Mallomars. Seasonal and regional, though not PC. Start thinking of food as a souvenir.

Try to clone what you eat in restaurants When I eat something I really like in a restaurant (or at your house) I try to remember the ingredients & taste and try to mimic it at home. Reverse engineering recipes. Eating out can spark your culinary creativity and inspire you to cook new things at home.

If you eat seafood, remember that it’s a natural resource and needs to be cared for as such. Fishing needs to be sustainable not exploitive. Find out what to buy and order in restaurants from Seafood Watch.

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I began making homemade bread when I was a teenager. It takes awhile and I admit I don’t do it as often as I’d like to. One of the joys is kneading the bread, a pun I never tire of. I love citrus. All of them, especially the exotic ones like yuzu and Buddha’s Hand. Here’s a handy chart for equivalencies between various citrus fruits. Fruit nerdy. Trying to make a picture perfect cake? Try using a hair drier. No, seriously.

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