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Using Garmin Voice Studio you can change the voice used by certain Garmin GPS units*.

voices for Garmin Voice StudioGarmin Voice Studio lets you import WAV files as well as record your own voice. The application prompts you for the various phrases you can use in your Garmin GPS.

I recorded all of the phrases used by Garmin Voice Studio. You can download my voice here.

Each of the phrases in in a separate WAV file. All of the WAV files are in one ZIP file. Download the Garmin Voice Studio WAV files, save them on your computer, and then import them into Garmin Voice Studio.

Neat trick but I don’t have a Garmin GPS though I do have a voice some find pleasant. I can’t test or verify how these WAV files with with Garmin Voice Studio. They are 16 bit files at 44.1 Hz. Please send me feedback and suggestions for improvement.

*The following devices are compatible with Garmin Voice Studio: nüvifone G60, nüvi® 200-series, nüvi® 465t, nüvi® 500-series, nüvi® 700-series, nüvi® 800-series, nüvi® 1200-series, nüvi® 1300-series, nüvi® 1400-series, nüvi® 1600-series, nüLink! 1695, nüvi® 2200-series, nüvi® 2300-series, nüvi® 2400-series, nüvi® 3700-series, nüvi® 5000, dezl-series.

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