google drive

your stuff in google’s cloud

Google DriveGoogle Drive is Google’s cloud storage for the rest of us. It’s similar to wuala, my favorite because things are encrypted locally before being upload and it’s stored across a number of servers, and Dropbox everybody’s favorite.

As you’d imagine there are applications that plug into Google Drive. Here’s a list of the first ones that integrate into Google Drive. I can’ wait to make some time to play with it myself. Like so much from Google’s there are APIs, hooks, and sample code galore.

5GB for free, 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month. Buy storage and get 25GB of Gmail storage too. Want more? Just ask. Google Drive: access and share your files from wherever you are. Learn more at and read what Gizmodo has to say too.

Price is almost a non-issue given how powerful cloud-based scenarios are. Ease of use is the killer feature. I for one keep almost all of my files on Dropbox. Untethers me from any one machine. Seamless file management computer to phone. Public URLs and sharing files with others. But if Google Drive ends up being a better tool, yeah I&rsquop;ll pay for it. Security is another big issue for me and I trust Google to do it right.