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GTA IV Glitches

airplane: At the airport, drive under one of the airplanes taxiing on a runway. Park perpendicular to the rear landing gear and wait. The car wll glitch under the map and freefall until spawning back on the tarmac. This may take a few tries and your car may pop out the side.

airport terminal: Go to the east side of main terminal building at the airport in Dukes. There are two long arms extending out towards the runways. Go to the "armpit" of one of them. Run and jump up into the armpit. Your character will hop a fence & you will be inside the terminal building.

bowling alley food counter: Go to the food counter at a bowling alle. Go to the end of the counter with an angled section. Jump into the right-hand corner with the stool.

broker wall: There’s a warehouse a block South of Jacob’s billiards in the mapped location. Get up between the wall with barbed wire along it and the building, where the dirt and wall are level with each other. Walk off the wall to glitch inside the building.

hospital: Put a vehicle inside a hospital and make two right turns to the end of a hallway with a window. Park the car against the end and jump on top and then into the window area and continue jumping.

comedy ads: Pisswasser, Mummification, and AlcoPatch

FIB sting:, Little Lacy Surprise

Split Sides in Algonquincomedy show cameos: Split Sides in Algonquin has stand-up comedy acts including Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams.

phone themes & ringtones: Change your phone’s theme at tw@ internet cafe and get new ringtones at on the in-game internet.

change the weather: call: HOT-555-0100.

blow out your tires: Hold both the accelerater and the brake in a car, to do a burnout. Keep it up and your left & right tires will blow out. Driving on your rims makes quite the sound and leaves cool tracks too.

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