Isochronic Tones

The following MP3 files are of Isochronic Tones (136.1 Hz & 18.5 Hz sine waves). Isochronic Tones feature short bursts of alternating sine waves and silence, sine wave and silence.

There are two Isochronic Tone files: one uses 18.5 Hz (Audio and Visual Entrainment) and the other 136.1 Hz. Both use a .05 second interval. Sine wave for .05 seconds followed by .05 seconds of silence.

18.5Hz  10 second Isochronic Tone MP3

136.1Hz  10 second Isochronic Tone MP3

Each MP3 file is 10 minutes long and mono. You can listen to them with or without headphones. They aren’t the prettiest sounding files I’ve ever made but headphones are probably more effective.