Herbal Mouthwash Recipe

make your own

how to make herbal mouthwash recipe ingredientsSometimes you want an organic herbal mouthwash made with natural ingredients. This mouthwash recipe has worked in my household for minor mouth sores, after a tonsillectomy, and after dental surgery, not to mention all varieties of colds and the flu too.

In short, my family swears by this stuff. Who am I to argue?

My goal is a mouthwash that’s antiseptic and antibacterial without fillers or sugar. This is the basic recipe I use. Modify it to your heart’s content.

My DIY Herbal Mouthwash Recipe
  2 oz vodka
  20 drops propolis extract
  10 drops myrrh extract
  2 drops thyme extract
  1 drop tea tree oil
  [ cherry bitters to taste ]

Store in glass containers.

make your own mouthwashI use water & alcohol extracts instead of essential oils of everything except the tea tree oil. A little gentler than essential oils especially if there are open sores or sensitive tissue. I also like the other ingredients that hitch a ride in water/alcohol solutions. I’ll take it.

Note: this mouthwash is made to be mixed with water 1:1 or even 2:1. Do not use it undiluted. Rinse and spit this mouthwash out. Do not swallow it. Because it contains propolis, made by bees, if you have allergies test a small portion before using or avoid this altogether. You can make a mouthwash without propolis if you have allergies.

Healthcare is a right not a privelage. All power to the people. Live a life full of compassion. Om mani padme hum.