The Sounds of Nature

Sometimes you need nature to come out of your headphones or speakers. What better way than to use the sound of crickets, waterfall sounds, or the sound of waves on the shore. Well here are MP3 files of crickets, waterfalls, wind chimes, and waves. Use these sounds to help you relax or simply goof off at work.


  Surf, Me Kwa Mooks, West Seattle

  Hail Storm, 24jun07, West Seattle

  Waterfall, Devil's Campground, Mt. Rainier

  Waves, Weather Park, West Seattle

  Miranda's Chimes, Zen Christmas

Looking for something a little different? How about parrots:   parrot 1parrot 2parrot 3parrot 4parrot 5parrot 6parrot 7parrot 8

There are other nature sounds here. Try listening to waves, waterfalls, as well as bird songs, and field recordings of frogs.

If you’re looking for white noise or pink noise, look no further.