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This is the only page on this site with the navigation links at the top. Why? Because I want to believe there’s so much nerdy stuff you might as well jump in. Consider this page an index of what’s inside.

I’m kinda nerdy. OK, full on geek. That’s me holding my first commputer, a Timex-Sinclair, and Capn Crunch whistle. Hey, you might be a nerd too!

Software over hardware. Mashups, DIY, homebrew, ghettolicious hacks kinda stuff. I’ve modded innocent webcams into gheettolicious outdoor art, done all manner of things with Altoids tins from Tibetan prayer wheels to dead drops to nano-BBQ grills, taught Tor & politcal computing at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire & ToorCamp, and had The Visit from No Such Agency in order to get an export permit for crypto software years ago.

Several years ago, I ran a web cam of a lava lamp that made the local news and from there the wire services. The real joke? I ran it so I could check on the status of my server room. If the lava was bubbling the web cam image was live and the power hadn’t gone out. We started out with a blinking LED but that got boring pretty quick.

I love dropbox for all the shit it can do for you. Imagine your own little cloud without the admin hassles. And speaking of computers, lemme guess, you’ve got one or more old machines lying around you don’t know what to do with. Too good to throw out, too useless to use. I have some ideas...

My cooking is with an eye on the chemistry as well as the culinary. I use a low-methoxyl pectin to make jams & jelly because unlike regular pectin it uses calcium to gel not sugar. One thing lead to another and I went from infused vodka to bitters. My latest interest is CBD, cannabidiol, the cannabinoid that puts the medical in MMJ. Better living through chemistry.


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