my smart car

gotta say “i love my smart car!”

my Smart Car PassionI bought a Smart Car ForTwo Passion a three years ago and I’m still in love with it! It’s really fun to drive and doesn’t eat much gas. Now that I sold my Pontiac Vibe, my SmartCar is my only car. (My wife has a van when we need more room.)

First things first: it’s not electric, it’s bigger inside than you think, 40 to the gallon, 91 is not the top speed, and trucks on the highway don’t scare me. It passed the federal crash tests and I sit higher than in my brothers Mini Cooper. Yes, it’s small. That’s why I bought it. Not only is it not a toy car it’s really well designed and easy on the eyes IMHO.

I’ve driven it from Seattle to San Francisco. Twice. Not to mention Vancouver BC several times.

If IKEA made a car, this would be it. It’s its own Tonka Toy. How small? 1836 pounds small. I can park my it anywhere. U-turns are a breeze. Did I mention I get 40 miles to the galloon? I would get 50 but I opted for the big engine.

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The Smart Car is was designed to hold two people (not 4 like the Mini Cooper). There’s nothing cramped about it when you’re sitting inside. Ask the scores of strangers I put in my car. Yep, when people strike up a conversation (and they do), I immediately put them in the driver’s seat. Only two out of dozens found it too small. (Hint: I always put the seat all the way back before I put them in. Hightens the surprise at how big it is.)

I love plugging my iPod into the jack in the glove compartment. The folks at Smart Center Seattle warned me. People stare. They laugh. They love to talk to you. People start conversations out of the blue. I get the thumbs up from strangers all the time. Little kids know if because of the Wii commercial. Many of the conversations launch into criticisms of Big Oil and the government’s lack of leadership on energy.

Fun to drive, great mileage, and it makes people smile. Who could ask for more?

I saw lots of Smart Cars when I was in Switzerland. More in Lausanne than Geneva. As you may have guessed, I took lots of photos.

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