the onion router

how to run a Tor relayTor, The Onion Router, allows people to surf anonymously and safely without being tracked or censored. While not perfect, using Tor helps many people around the world evade censorship.

Many of us in strongly democractic societies take internet freedom for granted. In many parts of the world this isn’t true. Current events underline governments efforts to deny their own citizens free access to the web. Tor is one tool to circumnavigate net censorship. There are many reasons to use Tor. As my father used to say, “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Grab the Tor browser bundle for your OS and surf a little safer. Tor can also be run from a flash drive too.

If you have a spare machine or two lying around and a fast connection please consider running a Tor box. The more Tor bridges and relays there are the faster and stronger the Tor network is. Your contribution helps those who seek a voice online, without a knock on the door. There are several types of Tor servers you can run:

Vidalia Bridge bundle : people connect to bridges to enter the Tor network. This helps censored users reach the Tor network.

Vidalia Relay bundle : relays pass traffic between random computers as Tor shuffles web traffic to avoid tracking.

Vidalia Exit Bundle : exits connect the Tor network back out to the internet. Please read these tips for running an exit node with minimal harassment first.

protect your privacy online

You should definitely read the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal FAQ for Tor.

Yes, I run a Tor relay or two, and you should run one too. All power to the people!

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