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my homemade flavored vodka recipe

For several years now I’ve been making flavored vodka, mostly citrus fruit of various kinds. My family has named them “Infusion of Confusion” after I began sharing them as Christmas presents.

Unlike waving a lemon or lime over a bottle and calling it quits, I tend to flood vodka with an obscene amount of flavor. My opinion is that the vodka needs to stand up on its own, leaving its tasteless roots behind and taking on a whole new air.

Two things contribute to this: I begin by using distinct and exotic fruit and I use a lot of it. And I do mean a lot.

Nothing against your garden variety lemons & limes but I’m a foodie and that includes shopping for fresh produce. Living in Seattle I have a wide variety of sources and options. There’s not necessarily any one place I go but I have a route; a circuit of stores I traverse. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that you should buy it when you find it because you never know if you’ll ever see it again.

What do I look for? Organic first and foremost. Why bother to use citrus zest if it’s been sprayed with chemicals? Kumquats, sweet lime, Buddha’s hand, minneola tangelo all fit the bill. Fresh organic lemon grass? Sold!

I look for better-than-average vodka on sale and stock up. As the photo shows, I use a lot of citrus zest. This means it doesn’t take long to infuse the vodka. Two days tops, especially if I leave it out on the ktichen counter and shake the bottle every time I walk by.

Buddha's Hand citron

kumquat   organic centennial kumquat

limequat   organic limequats

Give it a try, be creative, and let me know how it turns out!

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