Truth be told, I’m a beer nerd. But I’ve been known to quaff a red wine or two. Champagne too.

Back in the day “trim” had a special meaning. Not something I ever thought I’d see on a wine label.

Do you have warm wine and an ice cream maker? If so, you can chill your wine quickly. Then use a house key to open the wine. Mess up and you can use a piece of ribbon to remove a cork stuck inside the bottle. The last thing is learning how to fill any wine glass. It’s all about the shape of the glass.

Wine implies wine glasses and unlike the heavy pint glasses familiar to us beer drinkers, wine glasses break easily. Here’s a ghettolicious trick for drying wine glasses using chopsticks.

Speaking of wine and cheese pairings (and who isn’t these days), there is actual science behind it all. Contrary to popular belief some say that white wine goes with cheese better than red. My only question is what wine goes with hot, spicy food.

And for those curious about vino and Halloween. You asked.